The Acoustic Insight Audavista floorstander offers a new benchmark in audio realism. The cabinet is our customary classic natural and minimalist 'room friendly' design that elegantly belies the colossal performance capability.

Here we use 2 legendary EJJ drive units in parallel, with no filtering components between these and the source. Indeed there are no inductive components at all. The innovative deployment of some minimalist electronics fine-tunes the array output, and together with our unique mass-loaded transmission line, affords an unbelievably realistic bass response and overall soundstage.

Quite simply, there is nothing to degrade the sound quality, and the result is a perfectly integrated and pure response with impeccable imaging and dynamics, that just can't be achieved elsewhere. When we say imaging, we mean pinpoint positioning of instruments, and even positioning of acoustic sources to the side of the soundstage, something that has to be heard to be really appreciated.

Here the full frequency output arises from both full-range drive units with the tuned port offering assistance at the very low end and the tweeter affording a degree of customisable HF adjustment at the very top. There is no cross-over deployed, and the HF unit contributes to the array output, refining the output and dispersion above around 10 KHz. Some will prefer the HF turned completely off, it's purely a subjective decision based on preference and room acoustics.

The benefits are ultimate definition and transparency with full bass and dynamics that completely confounds the sleek design. Not only is the peak volume extremely impressive across the whole frequency range compared to the standard, but all the volume micro-dynamics (transients) are all conveyed beautifully intact, something you don't usually find outside of electrostatics.

There is a 'living presence' of voices and instruments in your listening room, including all the original phase-perfect recording acoustics. If you have ever wondered what a great full-range design will do this is the ultimate, and will comfortably demonstrate a performance in advance of any multi-way design  without sacrificing anything. Indeed the bass realism and dynamics is beyond that commonly achievable by convention, but the sublime purity and musical realism across the whole spectrum is a revelation that has to be heard to be appreciated


Frequency  Response    

29 Hz – 20 KHz (-3 dB)
23 Hz - 25 KHz (-6 dB)

Power Handling

250 Watts Max


87 dB @ 1W/1m,     8 Ohms

Driver Array

2 custom class leading EJJ full-range drivers
2 cm peak excursion, high efficiency, tailored flexure, anodised light metal alloy Phase plug,  massive magnet, bass weight optimization

Adjustable Ambient HF Unit

Polymer/silk dome, neodymium, ferrofluid cooled/ damped, fully adjustable (can be disabled completely) via rear panel controls, gradual introduction 

Design Highlights

Mass (port) loaded straight transmission line 1/1.5 way array floorstander with front firing double flared seamless  port

20 mm dual-side wood veneer/mirror black. Substantially internally braced and dampened with advanced materials

2-way gold plated terminals and HF controls

Crossover free
Adjustable feet

Class leading full-range drivers

Dimensions (HxWxD)

107.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 26.8 cm


22 kg