The moving coil speaker remains fundamentally unchanged from the earliest designs in the late 19th century apart from refinement of material construction and secondary characteristics. It is fairly straightforward to convey a convincing rendition of music using the most standard loudspeaker driver, but even the very best dictates a ceiling to reproduced sound quality. The apparent simplicity belies the underlying complexity of its analysis.

An obvious technical goal is measured flat frequency response, ensuring sufficient volume capability over this frequency range and removal of resonances. There are many possible sources of distortion and limitations to sudden transients, inaccurate dispersion profiles of the sound, distortions introduced by interference of frequencies as well as changes in the coherent harmonic structure of waveforms.

Solving all these inevitably leads to conflicts in physical material properties. Electronic integration of multiple disparate drive units is often the favoured workaround, but in building up such ‘layers of design’ and failing to solve the fundamentals there are unavoidable compromises to realism. The assessment is ultimately subjective, differing according to individuals’ priorities and degrees of discernment. Familiarisation with the live sound of an impressive acoustic performance leads to frequent dissatisfaction with the conventional speaker realism ceiling.

Our story started with the work of the world’s most knowledgeable expert in loudspeaker fundamentals, Ted Jordan. His masterful research over many years involved a thorough conceptual and mathematical understanding of how the cone loudspeaker performs the incredible task required from the challenging perspective of diaphragm acoustic behaviour, in particular how cone flexure plays a crucial part in frequency bandwidth and overall cone responsiveness. Working with natural laws of sound transduction proved a necessary step to elegantly and simultaneously solving the key problems of accurate sound production. Additionaly fine tuning of the cone properties, including angle, curvature and material construction has also proven essential in achieving ultimate clarity of stereophonic imaging with minimum resonance.

Our subsequent refining of innovative system design principles has achieved the ultimate goal; coherent, smooth and distortion free responsiveness to a degree that eludes ‘crossover-integrated multi-pistonic’ convention. Comparisons typically reveal a substantial reduction in resonances and distortion, radically improved waveform coherence, response smoothness and transient response (volume envelope). Music takes on a new presence, revealing previously unheard nuances and depth, rendering the very living ‘breath’ of clearly located instruments without compromise.

This is the essence of ACOUSTIC Insight and our unique breed of UK, world-acclaimed ultra resolution loudspeakers. Driven by a passion for the tonal properties of live music and dissatisfied with the standard design, the aim is fundamentally to convey the true ‘soul’ of the music using a pragmatic approach, free from esotericism and pretence.

With 25 years expertise in the deployment of ultimate loudspeaker drivers, we have worked with renowned world experts to maximise their vast potential. We utilise the ultimate cutting-edge technology to bring our fully UK designed, developed and crafted products to market without compromise and representing sound quality that is difficult to match at any price.

We use the very latest computer simulation software, critical listening, stringent measurement and extensive comparative research to ensure our multi award winning products break all conventional boundaries with strategic deployment of fundamental innovations in crossover-free ultra-light flexible metal foil technology. The 'must hear' flawless musical timing, imaging and transient response is combined with full bass, adjustable HF and lifelike dynamics to give uncannily real reproduction.

Our mission is simple:

To craft quality loudspeakers so realistic that they create that neck-tingling LIVE experience every time, exposing music in its beautiful entirety.