The excellent Audavista is an improved Phantom Source floorstander and is very good value, I find it sounds  better than much more expensive speakers.  There is  no listening fatigue and clarity on both male & female singers is outstanding, especially good for classical music my main interest but equally  good for rock & jazz. Extremely well made, they  feature full range EJJ  drivers,  which I  prefer  to speakers that have a Xover.  These  are outstanding speakers which I  can fully recommend. Once heard for me there  was no alternative. 

Gerald  Bearman,  London, UK

Today I went to Steve's place to listen to his new speakers called the Acoustic Insight Focastage.. My jaw just dropped... The emotions that theses speakers convey is just unbelievable.. The bass is deep, low, punchy, layered and rthymic.. The double bass simply sounded textured and volumous.. I have never heard each key on the piano played so right.. And I have been going round Adelphi and Outram of late listening to different speakers.. The tonality of each instrument and voice is just so right.. As you can see, I don't really know how to describe them.. You need to listen to them and you will know what I meant.. No wonder Steve at Sky Audio refused to tell me how these sound.. He just asked me to listen to them myself.. Wow.. The speakers speak for themselves.. If you are looking for a pair of speakers.. Try these.. I guarantee you that your speaker search ends there..:-)

Casey, Singapore

I have been a long time user of Quad ESL63 electrostatic speakers for all the usual reasons: openness, zero colouration, imaging and sound stage. However, I was always frustrated by the lack of dynamics, especially with rock music. I have now purchased a pair of your Vivide stand mounts and they have certainly satisfied my need for more dynamics as well as giving almost electrostatic like performance in the other areas stated above.  That would be a major achievement for any moving coil speaker but one that costs significantly under £1000 is an amazing achievement.  I would highly recommend them to anyone whatever their budget and amplifier type, I have used with low power valves and a mid-priced 100W Solid state amp, both to great effect.

Martin (Hants)

As a life long Hi-Fi enthusiast many different speakers from most if not all the  older  well known British  brands have been in and out of my listening room. The  Aurousal VSx transmission line speakers  are a great find and fulfill all my listening requirements .. They sound excellent with all types of music, take up little space,  look great and IMO are simply the best value speakers on the market today. Buy a pair you will have no regrets.                

All best Gerald Bearman    

I am enjoying the Aurousals (Vivides) a lot. They go very well up against the wall which was my major requirement and they have sorted out the problem I was having of uneven bass in my smallish 12.5 x 12.5 room. There is good bass it is now in proportion and even. They are revealing detail in some recordings I have never heard before. Some instruments are now startlingly realistic e.g. cymbals, hi-hat, piano, et al. They image very well & I don't have them set up as recommended with a lot of toe. I have no toe (at present) but the speakers are only 2 metres apart so the central focus is still there. The presentation of voices is a bit different to what I am used to & took a while to adjust to. I ended up listening to lots of live recordings, especially of artists who I have seen live. I determined the voices are quite realistic, just more upfront than through some traditional speakers. On Lucinda Williams Live at the Fillmore they really conveyed the rawness & emotion accurately of what Lucinda sounds like live. Her studio recordings usually add more honey to her honey and whisky voice. On Roy Haynes Quiet Fire my jaw dropped, the drums and piano were stunning. This was a recording I had not previously noticed much. It came on & wow!

They make me want to listen for hours & to all my recordings again. The Aurousals are keepers. 

David Williams  

Thank you for the speakers. These speakers look really good - they remind me of the Bristol Cars slogan: Nicely understated, but never underrated! The more you listen, the more you like them, and that´s the best, you can say about a speaker and in a broader sense of a technical product. The WOF factor is high - my wife is a good listener, but not at all interested in hi fi, but fond of the speakers too, and so are my children. I am much more a musician and classical music expert and educated listener than a hifi-nut (because it doesn´t make sense to me). But my new Aurousals have given me back the listening pleasure once experienced as a young man (I am 50 years now). They still stand on my old (big) speakers, which is really sub-optimal. I will try to put them on a specially designed shelf. If this don´t work, I will look for a stand. My living room seems to resonance at some deep frequencies, so the bass sometimes is a bit too loud. But you can´t blame it on the Aurousals. This has also been the case with my former speakers. I hereby want to thank you for a really good product an wish you all the best for your enterprise. 

Kind regards Leif (Germany)

I purchased a pair of the mk2`s about a month ago, I have to say that they are wonderful speakers. The coherence, attack and electrostatic like imagery coupled with an airy musicality brings music to life. I`m awaiting their next incarnation - it will be the only time I would consider changing them.  Many thanks for a gem of a speaker design 
Jim van de Mortel

Speakers arrived safely yesterday afternoon.....and, they are absolutely exquisite! I had been listening to Quad 11Ls, which I like a good deal, but the A1s are dramatically different in several areas. Perhaps most notable is the 'weight' of the music, substantially more with the A1s. Imaging also seems to be more focused as well. I listened to Yo Yo Ma's, Bach Cello Suites [wow!], Jan Monheit's latest vocal CD, and 'Modern Art' by the Art Farmer/Benny Golson quintet [recorded in 1958!], one of my all time favorites. All sounded better than ever before, and I've listened to them so many times before that I was amazed that they could sound that much better.
Thanks for everything, and your speakers are so good they certainly should be made available in the U.S.

Michael, WA, USA

Hi, Visited the Heathrow show at the end of March and at the pop we wandered into the Aurousal demo room, we were more thinking about lunch than anything more and had listened all morning to many high end speakers; some good, some not so good. So stomachs rumbling, we sat; we listened, and looked at each other as we could not quite believe the sound was emanating from these speakers; a rich, incredibly natural sound whose base was astonishingly deep, rich and round. The demo track playing had so much going on in it, yet the speakers handled it incredibly. Given the size of the units, you quickly scan the room for additional subs. The sound from the A1 speaker is rich, unbelievable natural and fast. The cabinets themselves are well constructed, with an excellent finish. I have taken delivery of a pair and at home they sound every bit as good as they did when I first heard them. I’ve been running them in for a day, so the sound can only improve. Thanks to Kevin for his quiet passion in explaining how they do so well what they do. As for the price – a give away

Thanks, Lee

I have owned Aurosual speakers for a while now and I consider them to be the best speakers I have ever owned. My previous speakers were a reputable brand with Kevlar cones, but they don’t compare in terms of clarity and what can only be described as the 'realness' of the sound. The mid-range is really where the new speakers show the biggest difference in quality. My old speakers seemed to boost treble and bass to give the ‘illusion’ of clarity. The Aurousal speakers give the full range of sound. The most noticeable differences are heard when playing a female voice or a guitar. If I close my eyes it feels as though the musicians are here with me in my lounge.

Suitably impressed, - Mr Shorter, Bucks, UK

I wish to share my comments on your remarkable A1 loudspeaker. The sound quality of these units is the best I have heard - there is a tireless, fluid quality from the low end, right up to the highest frequencies. My lounge is quite large, but they manage to fill it with a dynamic soundstage that makes you think you are in the auditorium. Highly recommended. I never knew there was so much I was missing from my music collection.

Jing, Stony Stratford, UK

To all at AI: This is a quality product and will go far. I first heard these at a demo and bought a surround set the next week. Talk about transparent – these are invisible! I would recommend an amplifier with good bass delivery to get the most out of these great little boxes – they are so deep and fast. I like my bass ‘alive and musical’ and these do it for me – sharp as a razor and very musical. On Pulse by Pink Floyd I could easily distinguish between different cymbals and bass guitars while on previous systems they all sounded much the same and a bit boomy/sibilant. Percussive are usually a difficult area but not with these – fast and 3-dimensional soundstage. Well done with the cabinet quality also (top class). The finish is completely seamless. Highly recommended

Graham M, UK

It's amazing how much clean tight bass comes out of these small cabinets and this has not affected the excellent stereo imaging or frequency balance. The mk1 was good and I was delighted at obtaining a pair soon after hearing them at the Heathrow show in 2007. I had previously used Totem Arro's which are another great small speaker which believe their size but were nearly twice the price. The A1 had many of the same remarkable qualities as the Totem's but without the need for an expensive custom crossover or two drive units. The designers have created a small masterpiece in the A1. The Mk2 version improves on the original by tightening up the bottom end and so freeing up the overall sound allowing it to breathe more, i.e. sounding more natural. For the money the finish is great and as stated they don't require any running in as a such sounding very good from the outset. I wouldn't hesitate at recommending the A1 mk2 to anyone wanting a superb sounding speaker without breaking the bank.
Many thanks,
Ian Ringstead